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Why Work at Victor?

Why Victor

Of all the agencies serving children and families, why would you want to work at Victor? Take a look at this video to hear from some of our employees what it is that makes Victor such a special place to work.

We are passionate about our programs, but we are equally passionate about the people who work with us. We recognize that every member of our team is essential to helping us fulfill our mission, to live out our values, and to transform lives. If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of families, while being appreciated and recognized for your value and contribution, Victor is the place for you.

We regularly ask our employees how they feel about working with Victor.  Watch the video about their experience of working at Victor, and read below to see what they say:

"One of the reasons that Victor is a great place to work is the positive and mutually encouraging attitude that staff members have toward each other and toward the families we work with. There is always someone who will offer hope or a new perspective when we get discouraged."

"Victor is a preferred employer because they give you what you need to do your job, resources are available, the pay is good, and morale is high."

"I've always felt like Victor knows I can better care for clients if I'm cared for. I feel good about being able to ask for help when I need it and the people around here don't look down on you for that."

"Victor helps children walk through the journey within themselves."

"Loyalty towards staff, reflects loyalty towards families. The workplace is friendly and supportive to the individual needs of each staff."

"I choose to work at Victor because of the sense of mission to children and families that is present in every staff member from the highest administrative level on down. At our site the atmosphere is positive overall, and people are usually mutually supportive and encouraging."

"I have worked many other places and, in the end they didn't "walk the talk". I've been at Victor a short time but I can already tell they mean what they say. They sincerely care about their staff."

"I have never felt an employer place as much effort to recognize each and every employee for their contribution to the company as a whole like Victor does."

"Victor creates an understanding and supportive environment that is flexible. It has led to great connections and friendships with my coworkers."

"This is a very friendly place to work!!"

"I stay at Victor because of the way it makes me feel . . ."

"I feel valued, respected, encouraged, part of a therapeutic family, challenged, motivated, and supported."

"I look forward to coming to work every day."

"I get excited by my client's progress; I get energized by learning and then applying what I've learned."

"The trainings, supervision, employee-focus, and safe working conditions are things that keep me here."

"I choose to work at Victor for the knowledge and leadership and the honest, warm, and welcoming nature of all the staff."

"I like how we reach out to communities and how we are allowed to express our own talents, personalities and skills through our work."

"I work here because I believe in my work, the flexibility, autonomy, positive relationships with peers, opportunity to learn, free supervision, good PTO and salary, and access to great resources."

"Victor is by far superior in the way they value and show appreciation for employees . . . simply: coffee, snacks, and bottled water, thorough training "..suggestions and feedback are really welcomed, valued."

"I feel supported but not micromanaged, which is awesome. I enjoy my co-workers and the office staff is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and accessible. The work we do with children and families can be stressful but all in all I would say this is one of the best jobs I have ever had."

"Victor is my preferred employer because of the commitment to training staff to providing excellent services to children and families . . . this says two things ... 1. the investment Victor is willing to make in its staff and 2. the commitment to providing the very best services to families."

"Victor is invested in your growth as a whole person."

"One out of the many things I like about Victor is the importance placed on training staff with the most up to date evidence based practices."

"I believe Victor continues to grow and reinvent its programs to meet the needs of the children and communities we serve. This allows employees like me to continue to learn and grow. Sometimes learning new ways to do my job takes time and I appreciate the patience and training I receive."

"One of the things that I love about Victor is the training - the quality of the trainers is just phenomenal."

"I applied at Victor because I wanted to work with "troubled" kids. I was advised that "Victor is the best" by a retired employee. Employees are treated as valued Individuals within a team. I've stayed with Victor because we share the same core values."

"This is an awesome place to work. I enjoy working with the families and working with a lot of great people. I LOVE WORKING FOR VCSS."

"The people I work with are understanding and approachable."

"My short experience at Victor has been an incredible one. I am continually impressed with how much the organization cares about its clients, families and employees. I hope to become a long term employee."