Our Pasadena Victor Treatment Centers office spearheads our Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program for  girls ages 13-18 years of age and non-minor dependents up to the age of 19. Our services utilize a strengths-based approach that strives to assist with the stabilization of youth challenges and facilitate a successful transition to their family, community and education supports. Supportive Services are also provided to young women until the age of 19. Our services are provided within our homes located in Pasadena, California.

Non-Public Schools

Non-Public Schools is a part of .

North Valley Schools are the education programs operated under the auspices of Victor Treatment Centers. North Valley School (NVS) is WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accredited and certified by the State of California Department of Education. North Valley School's mission is to provide a successful, comprehensive, and therapeutic educational program. It is designed to educate special education students whom have been unsuccessful in the regular education environment utilizing state standards based driven curriculum. It provides educationally based behavior intervention case management, positive behavior interventions and supports for its students. NVS provides a high staff to student ratio with one to one staff capability. The school environment is enhanced by a certified Day Treatment Program that is integrated into and beyond the school day.

In addition to the three NVS locations, Victor also offers a non-public school in Pasadena through Rosemary Children's Services. For information on this program, please visit the RCS website.