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Victor Community Support Services, Marysville

Our Yuba County programs are provided in partnership with local agencies to help the youth and families of our county find the support and help they need to grow and thrive.

The programs include our Child and Family Team program, our Hall to Home program, and our Gang Prevention program. Additionally through the Mental Health Student Services ACT (MHSSA) Grant Program, we provide school-based mental health support to youth identified as at-risk and links them to appropriate, sustainable services in their community. Here is a brief description of the core programs we offer our community:

  • CFT Program: In partnership with Yuba County CAPS (Child and Adult Protective Services), this program plans and facilitates Child and Family Team (CFT) Meetings for families whose children are detained or at risk of removal.
  • Hall to Home Program: In partnership with the Yuba County of Education, this program assists youth who are transitioning out of incarceration and follows them back into their communities in order to help secure and ensure success and reduce the risk of recidivism in Juvenile Hall.
  • Gang Prevention (NEXT) Program: In partnership with the Yuba County Office of Education, this program provides counseling and mentorship to youth who are gang-involved and assists them in identifying alternative pathways.

Victor Community Support Services, Marysville
1114 Yuba St., Suite 144
Marysville, CA 95901
United States
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