Non-Public School - Autistic / Developmentally Delayed Student Program (ECHO)

Non-Public School - Autistic / Developmentally Delayed Student Program (ECHO) is a part of Autism and Residential.

ECHO (Every Child Has Opportunities) is a community based educational program for students with Autism, Downs Syndrome and/or other developmental delays. Being a community based program, ECHO can provide opportunities for students to participate in experiential learning while being assisted by trained educators. Through educational experiences such as outdoor education, community exploration, vocational training, and life skills; students are taught to reach their highest level of independence.

Academic instruction at ECHO is individualized. Each child's needs are addressed daily behaviorally, academically, and socially. With a high staff to student ratio, your child has access to a number of highly trained professionals. Students are provided specialized instruction based on academic test scores as well as functional skills assessments. ECHO believes every child has opportunities for success! Using a data driven decision making process, our team helps to identify best practices for your child to meet their personal and academic goals.

The ECHO program has provided parents, care providers, and districts with academic solutions for over 18 years. Through consistent implementation of data driven strategies and consultation with professionals involved in your child's life, we can provide a stable academic atmosphere for your child's growth.