Victor Treatment Centers

Victor Treatment Centers, Inc. (VTC) exists to provide a healthy, healing living environment for severely emotionally disturbed children and youth who have such great needs that they are temporarily not able to succeed in family situations and/or lower levels of care. Children age 8 through 18 who have not been successful in family situations, foster homes, or group homes can find success within the Victor Treatment Centers environments.

The youth served by VTC have significant mental, behavioral, or and emotional disorders that result in the need for 24/7 supervision in conjunction with intensive mental health services. VTC residential services are based on a foundation of strength-based and relationship-based approaches that support the optimal recovery and resiliency for these children and youth. View the video to learn more about the programs that VTC offers.

Thriving with Victor

While we have specific locations for our residential homes, our programs serve counties, SELPA's and School Districts across California. Referrals are accepted from all counties.

It is within our community-based residential homes that the youth learn daily living skills, values, and social skills in a relationship based cooperative environment. Staff and youth work together as a team to practice the essentials of positive social relationships and self-care within a common living situation. A high staff to youth ratio in a home-like atmosphere provides a safe, consistent and predictable structure allowing each individual youth to grow at their own pace and according to their personal abilities. Victor's residential milieu program is specifically designed to teach social skills, values, enhance community involvement, develop personal health and safety education, develop leisure skills training and independent living skills.

Our family was in complete crisis when we finally received placement, and the first 6 months were incredibly difficult. But VTC staff saved my daughter. They stopped at nothing to stick with her/us and push for a break through. Although she has been home only 2 weeks, we are hopeful that it will be permanent. The staff at VTC truly cared for her and her future. 

A full range of Specialty Mental Health Services and Medication Support Services are offered. These services are based on a comprehensive assessment of needs and authorized by the placing county. These services are provided by a highly trained and licensed staff, as well as Qualified Mental Health Professionals and Para-professionals and all services are individualized to the specific child/youth and their family. In the provision of services, Victor Treatment Centers places great emphasis on the utilization of nationally recognized Evidence Based Practices in conjunction with identified Promising Practices. Utilizing such practices allows for our service delivery to achieve high levels of excellence as well as a means of measuring the progress and growth that our residents achieve while in our care.