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North Valley Schools

Santa Rosa, CA

Our mission is to be a catalyst for sustained improvement in the lives of those we touch.
Contact Information
3164 Condo Court
Santa Rosa, Ca 95401
(707) 523 2334 Phone
(707) 523 3857 TTY
(707) 523 0133 Fax
North Valley School Santa Rosa is located in a beautiful community in the heart of the California wine country, with surrounding hillsides of vineyards, coastal mountain peaks, and a thriving city with many highly developed community resources. It is a nonpublic school serving students 8 through 18 years of age; male and female. The services at the school also include Specialty Mental Health Services for those students who have this need and qualify. Medication Management is also a part of the North Valley School Santa Rosa and is provided by a contracted psychiatrist.

The goal of the school program is to provide a Non-Public School & Specialty Mental Health Services setting for mentally ill adolescents who otherwise would require more restrictive and costly supervision and educational support. The primary objective is for each youth to reach his/her optimal level of functioning and return to a less restrictive educational setting in the community.

Persons referred to this program are ages 6 through 19 years of age, who are so emotionally and behaviorally disturbed as to warrant intensive, low ratio teacher to student, behaviorally supported education services. This population includes, but is not limited to, children who have a disturbed ability to function at their intellectual and chronological maturity level; those who have been diagnosed as needing treatment over a long period of time for behavior which has resulted from specific, serious emotional disorder of psychosis.

North Valley School Santa Rosa is a successful, comprehensive, and therapeutic educational program. The students' needs are met through a curriculum of structured behavioral programs based on effective praise. NVS Santa Rosa provides a high staff to student ratio with one-to-one staff capability. Educational services are provided in conjunction with an individualized behavior modification program. The program integrates a comprehensive special education program with an intensive mental health treatment component within the setting of our stare certified non-public school. The mental health treatment team consists of a licensed psychiatrist, mental health clinicians and mental health rehabilitation specialists working as a team with special education credentialed teachers and instructional aides. The team provides a positive school experience and comprehensive mental health and psycho educational curriculum.

North Valley School Santa Rosa has a very strong Independent Living Skills Program as well. This program is designed to develop independent living skills to allow for responsible citizenry. This is accomplished by providing educational and instructional support to students for the purpose of learning to access community resources, securing housing, exploring and securing employment opportunities, personal budgeting, and healthful living skills.