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Victor's Mission is to be a catalyst for sustained improvement in the lives of those we touch.


we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to impact the lives of those we serve...


I am immensely grateful for the services [my daughter] and I received from Victor. The guidance and support offered by Victor Services provided our family with a safe and peaceful place to discuss important familial concerns. My relationship with my daughter through her teen years was pleasant, enjoyable, and productive. I was able to support her development and growth in a positive fashion, which I largely attribute to the support of Victor Services. THANK YOU!” – Parent

When I first started my therapy with VCSS, I did not have a healthy state of mind. I was severely depressed, and struggled both academically and personally. VCSS has helped me through a lot of the issues I've faced and I could not be more grateful towards everyone in the organization for helping me become the person I am today.” – Young Adult in Victor

You have rescued us from danger, financial hardship and just been there for us unconditionally. You feel like you WANT to be a part of our family and that is a feeling I have never felt.” – Parent

You have no idea how much I APPRECIATE having your services at my schools! You and the doctor have turned things around for so many kids—the staff know how valuable you are as well. The rest of your staff are great—the teachers talk about how great they are too-and are so thankful for their help. So, as long as Victor is around here all is well in my world." – Teacher

Our experience was very positive. Our family was in complete crisis when we finally received placement, and the first 6 months were incredibly difficult. But VTC staff saved my daughter. They stopped at nothing to stick with her/us and push for a break through. Although she has been home only 2 weeks, we are hopeful that it will be permanent. The staff at VTC truly cared for her and her future. And I am grateful and touched by their concern, care and compassion. Thank you." – Parent of 16 year old girl

I am a success story. Before I came to Victor I was in a mess, freaking out on people and making my family feel uncomfortable. I was untrusting and scared and needed help... now with VCSS I find myself making it through the day staying busy and occupied. Coming here has been many things for me and I have always had high expectations everyday when I walked through the door I am greeted with a warm smile and good comments...this always bring my moods up. I give thanks for everyone who is helping me.." – Young Adult in Victor

I just wanted to thank you for Victor's work with this young man. Everyone has been absolutely fantastic and this is not an easy case by a long shot. To take a young man from Florida who has been in Residential Treatment Centers for 6 years, help him transition to becoming an adult and now step him down to a Board and Care is quite a task. From your group home staff, your wrap staff, to the TAY folks, the level of caring and perseverance has been amazing. This young man has many needs and will transition into the community with a ton of resources and supports to help him learn to move into independence. I so appreciate being able to partner with such a great bunch of folks from your agency who I know are in it for the long haul. Thank you for all you do to make this happen." – Riverside County SELPA

We appreciate everything that you've taught us along the way to make our family better. Without your help or support we wouldn't have made it this far. Thank you for guiding us through everything." – Parent

Getting services from Victor was like the light at the end of the tunnel." – Mother of 8 year old boy