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A Word from our CEO, Simona Cataldo

Simona Cataldo

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Hi, I’m Simona Cataldo, I'm the CEO for Victor.

I think what makes Victor unique is that we see opportunities where others may see obstacles.

When I joined Victor, what was striking to me was the uniqueness of the organization was evident for me from the very beginning. The commitment to excellence transpires in everything, from the person greeting you at the front desk, to talking with people that are actually delivering services to the executives of the organization.

There is this deep commitment to excellence and commitment to the clients we serve, but also commitment to the staff of the organization.

The essence of Victor is our culture. We are all about our values. It's something that we fully embrace.

Teamwork, excellence, adaptability, mission driven. We follow the acronym of team to represent our values.

Teamwork is the first one of them.

It's really about that collaboration, and understanding that the work we do is too big and too important to be accomplished only through one person. So we come together and we come together either as a treatment team or even as an organization. The different departments work really collaboratively to make sure that we can deliver services in the best possible fashion.

Excellence is really defined I feel like by our outcomes and our data.

So we have this goal of providing services in the best possible way, but we also want to measure how good are we really at it. And so we are very much a data, data-driven organization, and we track our outcomes and we actually apply data across all aspects of the organization, not only services and programs. And then we use that data to inform our decisions and in the direction in which we're going.

Adaptability really speaks to dealing with constant change that is part of life and part of the environment and part of this field.

Victor has a reputation, and we have a kind of mantra that says, preserve the core and embrace change. And what that means is really we use our values as guidance for our decision making, but also we don't get stuck in what we do the way we do it. And so our commitment is to making sure that we follow our values as our compass for decisions, but that we also respond to what the needs are out there.

That's what we are about. This work is about who we serve, and we serve them based on what they need and not based on what we decide they need.

So mission driven really means constantly reminding ourselves what we are here to do. Our mission is to be a catalyst for sustained improvement in the lives of those we touch. And I say that not just for the clients we serve, but also for our staff. Everybody we come in touch with, we want to have an impact. We are constantly questioning and, and challenging ourselves to find even better ways to do it.

The work is simply too important to accept that that's it. We, we've done all we can now.

There's gotta be something we can do even more to do it even better.