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Our Story

Victor’s history permeates every aspect of the organization we have today.

As a 10 year old boy, Dave Favor was taken from his family home and placed in an orphanage. With this experience, he felt alone and afraid, abandoned by everyone who cared about him. Out of his fear and pain, a personal mission was born that has profoundly impacted troubled children and their families throughout the state of California. Through Dave’s unwavering commitment to his personal mission and the organizations birthed from this mission, Victor has given thousands of families hope.

One man, through his perseverance and tenacity, turned his pain and the harshness of life into a group of organizations that helps troubled children and their families succeed in life. He turned his belief that every individual should have the best chance possible for success into a reality by demonstrating that troubled kids can survive and thrive in a community setting modeled more on a family than an institution.

Today, Victor serves thousands of children and families who are suffering with social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties, acting as a change agent and support to their achievement of happier and more successful lives.

victor is comprised
of two organizations

victor treatment centers and
victor community support services both provide
a full continuum of mental health services

Victor employs over 1000 dedicated staff across multiple locations in California, who are committed to the same values and ideals that have been in place from day one. As an organization we have had only three CEO’s in our 55 year history, allowing us to have both stability and continuity with the foundational mission of our organization. With that foundation in place, Victor continues to innovate and create new programs and services to meet the needs while staying true to our mission. Today Victor’s services reach throughout California, helping literally thousands of individuals and families deal with their unique challenges every day and inspiring hope for the future.

Today as we celebrate over 55 years of service, Victor provides a wide range of behavioral health, educational, and social support services to children, youth, families and adults throughout California.

Services for those in need are individualized, flexible, community-based and strength-based with a continuous commitment to providing excellent support that truly changes the lives of those we serve.