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Victor Treatment Centers, Pomona

Victor Treatment Centers in Pomona is located near the beautiful Cal Poly Pomona Campus at the base of the foothills. Out of the Pomona office we serve Los Angeles County and Orange County. We offer a wide range of services including mental health wraparound, transitional aged youth and community outreach programs.

One of our primary offerings in Pomona is that we are a Foster Care and Adoption (FFA) Services provider, licensed by Los Angeles County. The wide array of services we offer for resource/foster families and adoption services can be found by visiting or calling us at (909) 766-7060.

Our program provides an incredible support system for families who want to open their home to a foster child or are interested in permanent adoption. Our mission for the Foster Family Agency is to Connect Children and Teenagers with Caring Families.

At Victor Treatment Centers we give neglected and abused children and teens a safe, caring home during a season when their birth parents are struggling or need some time to recover from challenges. You provide the home and the heart, we provide the support you need to change the life of a young person. At Victor Treatment Centers our mission is to be a catalyst for sustained improvement in the lives of those we touch. Together, we can help our kids and families soar.

As a Victor Treatment Centers Foster/ Adoptive Parent, you will be a part of a professional team including Foster Care Social Workers, Therapists, Counselors and Teachers. We all work together towards the primary goal of foster care which is family reunification. In cases where reunification is not possible, as a Resource Family, you may have the opportunity to adopt the children placed in your loving home!

Along with visiting our website, you can download a brochure with additional information on our FFA Program.

801 Corporate Center Drive
Suite 202
Pomona, CA 91768
United States
(909) 766-7060
(626) 227-0557