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Victor Community Support Services, Fairfield

Victor Community Support Services is excited to launch new programs serving children and families in Solano County.

Family Finding and Engagement

The first program is called Family Finding and Engagement and is designed specifically to work with Solano County to provide support for every child who is in out of home placement. The goal is to improve the outcomes for permanent placement and increase the network of connections for these children and families.

CARE Clinic - Intensive Treatment Preschool

VCSS Fairfield is excited to offer our Comprehensive Assessment Research and Evaluation (CARE) Clinic. The CARE Clinic is a FREE intensive, early assessment and intervention program for children, age three to five years (and their care-givers) who are likely to have ongoing developmental, social, emotional, behavioral, and communicative challenges. Such children typically require significant support from healthcare, social services, and schools as they mature. The intensive nature of the CARE model has shown great promise in improving outcomes for these children. By reaching children early, when the first

signs of difficulty are showing this program has shown that many of these services are eventually unnecessary.

The CARE Clinic is not an educational placement; it is a voluntary intensive assessment period. Our team consists of people with multiple specialties who work together to assess and offer recommendations for effective interventions to use with children at home, community, and in a future public school setting. Our CARE Clinic runs 4x a year (January, April, July, and October) and is designed to run 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for 10 weeks.

Community Based Mental Health Services for 0–21 years

VCSS Fairfield provides a continuum of mental health services for infants, adolescents, teens and families using research and evidence based therapeutic modalities.  Services are developed and implemented with the participation of the youth and caregivers, collaboration with medical professionals, caseworkers, school, probation, child  welfare, courts, etc. to provide a comprehensive approach to the youth’s treatment. Together, teams work to build a solid foundation for continued success.

Child Haven is now Victor

Child Haven was founded 40 years ago to serve vulnerable children and families in Solano County. Under an agreement adopted by both Boards, Child Haven has been affiliated with Victor and under the direction of the Victor Leadership team for the past year.   Effective June 30, 2022 the California Secretary of State approved the formal merger of the two agencies, with the Child Haven programs now operated as Victor Community Support Services (VCSS), Fairfield.

We offer a full array of mental and behavioral health, as well as developmental services to children and their families. Our Victor team brings a skilled group of clinicians and family support staff who provide intensive screening and assessment, diagnosis, treatment, parent education, and family support services. We partner with the Solano County Health and Social Services, Behavioral Health Division; First 5 Solano County; The North Bay Regional Center; the California Office of Emergency Services, and other community-based organizations. We are proud to be one part of the safety net of services for families in our community.

About Solano County

Solano County is a growing community situated midway between San Francisco and Sacramento that reaps the benefits of its ideal location for those who live and work here. Solano County offers an inviting mix of rural and suburban lifestyles and easy access to all of the urban amenities associated with two of the nation’s most dynamic metropolitan regions. Solano County is home to rolling hillsides, waterfronts and fertile farmland. County residents can enjoy day trips to the San Francisco Bay area, Lake Tahoe region and the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Thanks to a mild climate, plenty of open space, proximity to lakes, rivers and mountains, residents can enjoy year round outdoor recreational activities like fishing, boating, skiing, hiking and biking.

For more information on the program, please contact our office at the number provided below. We look forward to serving you.

VCSS Fairfield Offices
801 Empire Street
Fairfield, CA 94533
United States
(707) 425-5744

Happy family with two kids