Mission & Values

Our mission is to be a catalyst for sustained improvement in the lives of those we touch.

Since our founding over 47 years ago, Victor has maintained an unwavering commitment to transforming lives by going above and beyond in the delivery of excellent services to the children, families and adults who seek our assistance. This dedication to our purpose is mirrored in the responsibility we have to our staff to assist them in their growth and development as professionals. We work diligently to create a culture which is positive, supportive, and focused on continuous learning. This ideology and the pledge to hold ourselves accountable to our values [Teamwork, Excellence, Adaptability and Mission Driven (TEAM)] guide our decision making, policies and standards of conduct.

At Victor, it is all about relationships and results. Relationships are the focus at every level of the organization, with the families we serve, our employees, and the counties who seek our assistance. It is through these relationships that we achieve the greatest results in fulfilling our mission.

This philosophy impacts:

  • Clients
  • Families
  • Employees

...through serving others with relationship and results.

Victor is a company who helps troubled kids and families integrate into society and become successful members of society. It was birthed from a vision of providing safe, healthy environments where the people we treat can flourish. Victor believes that every individual deserves a chance to succeed and we commit every strength, talent, and resource of our organization to those who have emotional and behavioral challenges. In situations where families are not equipped to help their children or older family members, Victor steps in and provides programs and support to help them be successful, offering hope by giving tangible solutions for helping these kids succeed and integrate into society in ways they and their families never thought possible.