Foster Care Placement

Foster Care Placement is a part of Foster Care.

The Resource Family (Foster/Adoptive) parents and our professional staff at Rosemary Children's Services work as a team to provide consistent care, and treatment for the children. Rosemary continually seeks eligible families and individuals to join our foster program. We Need Resource Families (Foster/Adoptive) to: 

  • provide a stable & warm environment for children newborn to 18
  • help with homework
  • provide emotional support
  • guide children through normal growth situations and issues
  • help build a positive social foundation
  • provide advice and assistance with resumes and job searches
  • point out children’s strengths & provide a safe environment to work
  • assist with health concerns
  • talk about safety issues
  • provide a loving environment on a short or long-term basis

The most important need is the desire to make a difference in the life of a child and the ability to work as a team with Rosemary Children’s Services. With the newly licensed full services Adoptions Program from the State of California, Rosemary Children’s Services has made a firm commitment to the permanency of foster children who are unable to reunite with their birth families by recruitment of Resource Families willing to adopt.