Home and School Based Programs

Home and School Based Programs is a part of Mental Health / Outpatient.

VCSS specializes in providing family-based mental health treatment and case management services for a broad array of target populations. This service focuses on children and youth who are at risk of out-of-home placement, in foster care, involved with the Juvenile Justice system, and with more serious emotional disorders for which traditional services are insufficient.  Children’s School Based Services are a strength based approach that maximizes an individuals functioning in the school setting.

The programs main objectives are to:

  • Eliminate or decrease functional impairments in the class
  • Reduce behaviors that put clients and other at risk in the school setting
  • Provide behavior management techniques for school personnel to employ that maintain youth in the least restrictive classroom setting and
  • Identify and treat emotional/ behavioral concerns that may impact the youth later in life and/or effect areas of community functioning.

You have no idea how much I APPRECIATE having your services at my schools!!!!!!! You and the doctor have turned things around for so many kids---------the staff know how valuable you are as well. The rest of your staff are great-----the teachers talk about how great they are too-and are so thankful for their help. So, as long as Victor is around here all is well in my world.