Infant-Toddler Mental Health Services

Infant-Toddler Mental Health Services is a part of 0-5 Services.

The first 5 years of life are very important for a child because this time sets the stage for success in school and later life. During infancy and childhood, many experiences should be gained and many skills learned. It is important to ensure that each child’s development is proceeding without difficulties during this period.

Mental Health Clinicians specially trained to work with children ages zero to five and their families use evidenced based assessments to identify the developmental strengths and needs of a child. With the Clinician’s involvement, the family learns fun and practical ways to strengthen a child’s attachment, which ultimately improves a child’s resiliency. When an infant or child is exposed to abuse, neglect, domestic violence, exposed to drugs or alcohol in-utero or are born with a biological risk, building the level of resiliency greatly increases his/her ability to experience life with fewer social and/or emotional difficulties.