Katie-A (Pathways to Wellness)

Katie-A (Pathways to Wellness) is a part of 0-5 Services, Mental Health / Outpatient, and Wraparound.

Katie A. services were established in the State of California as a result of a settlement agreement with the intention of transforming the way California children/youth who are in foster care, or who are at imminent risk of foster care placement receive access to mental health services. The transformed model of care is referred to as the Core Practice Model or CPM. It is a coherent and all-inclusive approach to service planning and delivery which includes the following:

  • A strong engagement with the child and family
  • Focus on strengths and needs
  • Team consists of formal and informal supports
  • Use of intensive in-home rehabilitation services
  • Support and encourage attainment of health and well being
  • Reduction of permanency timeline
  • Reduce reliance on congregate care