Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program

Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program is a part of Residential.

Victor Treatment Centers (VTC) exists to provide a healthy, healing alternative strength-based services oriented living environment for severely emotionally disturbed children and young adults.

Our services utilize a strengths-based approach that strives to assist with the stabilization of youth challenges and facilitate a successful transition to their family, community and education supports.  Our services are provided through our team of professionals and include (but are not limited to):

  • Trauma informed care environment
  • Individualized team planning support process
  • Individual and Family Focused therapeutic services
  • Group Rehabilitation Services
  • Education support services –transition preparation
  • Supportive transition and permanency preparation services
  • Post – transition Aftercare services to support permanency
  • Child and Family Team (CFT) supportive process
  • Culturally relevant placement

Child and Family Team Services

Our Child and Family Team (CFT) process is designed to provide a supportive team of  caring individuals that include family members, friends, identified participants and stakeholders to help the youth and family identify need and strengths that our services can support and will result in a successful healing and reconnection outcome.

Meet Our Team:

Each youth and family will receive the support of our dedicated team of professionals and includes:

  • Evidence Based Services trained Clinician – meets regularly with youth/family and supports therapeutic progress and sustainable change
  • Residential Services team members/ Supervisor/Residential Counselors – supports youth needs in our daily living and treatment environments
  • Facilitator – To support the youth and family prior to, during and post CFT meeting work
  • Clinical Supervisor(s) – to oversee the therapeutic services progress and support changing needs as they emerge 

Our Service Locations:

Our services are provided in multiple counties throughout the state of California.   We have been a positive presence in our various communities for over 50 years.  Our programs promote a positive homelike environment that compliments our work with youth and families in alignment with our agency goals and mission.