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Victor Community Support Services, Rocklin

In partnership with Placer County’s Coordinated System of Care, we provide Child and Family Team Meeting facilitation for youth and families involved with Child Welfare Services, probation, or behavioral health. Our team of facilitators are specially trained to conduct meetings from a perspective of Safety Oriented Practice and utilize the principles of wraparound care to help families meet their goals. We offer the following key programs in Placer County.

Intensive Outpatient Mental Health: Community- and clinic-based therapeutic and rehabilitation services for youth who meet access criteria for specialty mental health services and are presenting with moderate to severe mental health needs. Clients receive weekly therapeutic and/or rehabilitation contact as well as some case management or linkage support.

Wraparound: Services targeted at youth who are at imminent risk of out-of-home placement with a goal of keeping them in their homes and communities. Services are intensive and short-term with a goal of reducing immediate crisis and teaching youth and their families sustainable skills for long-term success. Youth and families receive multiple contacts per week including therapeutic and rehabilitation support, intensive care coordination, Child and Family Team meetings, and peer support.

Therapeutic Behavioral Services: Brief and highly intensive services targeted at specific behaviors that are creating significant safety concerns for youth and putting placement at imminent risk. Services are conducted in-vivo in the environments where the behaviors are most likely to occur and focus on skill-building to reduce or extinguish target behaviors.

MHSA Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI): In partnership with Placer County Office of Education, Victor staff help field “Requests for Assistance” from school to help link high-needs students to long-term mental health services in the community. Staff also provide support and education around the training program Kognito which encourages trauma-informed approaches in the school setting.

Victor Community Support Services, Rocklin
Placer County, California
United States


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