Employment / Vocational

Victor is committed to helping young adults get the resources and training they need to move into successful employment.

We provide comprehensive vocational and employment support services to youth and young adults, both in our residential facilities and within the community. These services are designed to help young people develop their employment skills that would support successful transition into adulthood.

Transition Services

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We work with Transition Age Youth and Young Adults in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, providing them with vocational and employment support services that teach them employment skills to effectively move them into meaningful work.  Providing them the opportunity to obtain marketable job skills further supports their transition into adulthood.



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 WorkAbility promotes independent living and provides comprehensive pre-employment and follow up services for youth in special education. WorkAbility provides secondary education students ages 14-22 with the opportunity to obtain marketable job skills while completing their education. WorkAbility is a school-based transition program working to benefit students, employers and the community by meeting the needs of local job markets.