Victor Community Support Services

Victor Community Support Services is a community-based focused agency which delivers mental health and family support services in the homes, schools and communities in which people live. VCSS delivers programs ranging from prevention and early intervention programs to highly intensive home-based services designed to prevent residential and other institutional placements. VCSS is focused on empowering people of all ages to build upon their strengths and capacities to address the problems and needs they have within their lives.

You have rescued us from danger, financial hardship and just been there for us unconditionally. You feel like you WANT to be a part of our family and that is a feeling I have never felt.

Each of the service sites within this organization share common goals and a treatment philosophy grounded in the belief that children need families, and that support should be provided in the communities where they live and attend school. VCSS offers a multitude of services to a very extensive list of target populations residing in the communities they serve. Some of the many services include: Wraparound, Specialty Mental Health Services, Therapeutic Behavioral Services, Foster Care Assessment and Treatment, Juvenile Justice Assessment and Treatment, 0-5 Services, Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment, Prevention and Early Intervention, and School-Based Services. VCSS has a comprehensive array of Evidence Based Practices as the foundation for its wide variety of community-based mental health services and strives to help children and their families succeed in their home and school environments.