VTC Pomona

Victor Treatment Centers in Pomona is located near the beautiful Cal Poly Pomona Campus at the base of the foothills. Out of the Pomona office we serve Los Angeles County and Orange County and offer a wide range of services including mental health wraparound, transitional aged youth and community outreach programs. We also offer full foster care and adoption services and are licensed by Los Angeles County. The wide array of services we offer for resource/foster families and adoption services can be found by visiting ffa.victor.org.  Our program provides an incredible support system for families who want to open their home to a foster child or are interested in permanent adoption. 

While perhaps most well known for the university, the city of Pomona is a thriving community with many civic activities, events, and governmental resources. Incorporated in 1888, the City of Pomona has a rich past and a bright vision for its future. The city is dedicated to a high quality of life for its diverse community. 

801 Corporate Center Drive
Suite 202
Pomona, CA 91768
United States
(909) 766-7060
(626) 227-0557